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Intro to Send Inquiry

Intro to Send Inquiry 840 416 Paula Bakenhus

Send Offerings to your Customers in Seconds

With hæppie not only can your customers send you inquiries, but you can send them Offerings containing suitable products from your Portfolio.

Watch our newest Youtube Video to get all the insights about this feature and hæppie Selling! 🚀

Intro to Smart Editor

Intro to Smart Editor 560 277 Paula Bakenhus

Set-up your service portfolio in minutes!

Get your services ready within minutes. The hæppie smart editor is simple, clear and fast. It allows you to setup your Portfolio in three simple steps. So the maintenance of your services never becomes a problem 🚀.

  1. Create a product:
    In the section „Your products“ you can create new products. Here you can edit them at your leisure and define the order of the products on your portfolio.
  2. Add content:
    The next step is to fill your product with content. In each section you will find brief instructions on what information is needed for an optimal product page. If you don’t want to fill in certain sections (yet) you can easily hide them in the upper right corner. 
  3. Publish your product:
    In order for your customers to see your products you have to publish them first. After publishing, your products will appear on „Your Portfolio“. There you can see your portfolio from the point of view of your customers.

Managing your services has never been this easy 🎉 .