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Maximize your sales potential with personalized haeppie Sales Spaces that close deals with one link

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Why haeppie?

Valuable buyer insights

Space analytics track sales content interactions and optimize follow-up timing for interested customers.

Higher closing rate

Simplify purchasing and shorten sales cycles, from outreach to onboarding.

Streamline your Customer Journey

create a seamless and personalized one-link buyer journey that stands out from competitors

Send every buyer their own Space and create inspiring buyer journeys in seconds.

Get your message heard

Share your interactive Sales Pitch with a single link and ensure it reaches the decision maker without any misunderstandings!

Save hours on outreach

Create spaces directly from your CRM and save hours with corporate templates.

Unlock your Sales Potential

Identify engaged prospects and focus on the right deals with Space Analytics

Experience Matters

Boost your conversion rate with personalized Spaces and set yourself apart from competitors.

End email overload

Share all your content in one place and make sure that everyone always has access to your documents.

Better results for sales teams

Average space open rate vs. 6% for PDFs attached to mails.
Sales cycle time reduction from outreach to close
Faster sales follow-up creation

Time to get your Sales organized

Integrate all your tools

Share content with your customers from all your sales tools.

Works seamlessly with your CRM

Sync and create Spaces directly from your CRM. Keep all information about your deal at a glance

haeppie Customers

„We love using haeppie Sales Spaces to connect with our customers and create a seamless onboarding experience.“

Eugen ChristFreshworks

„haeppie is a game changer for our sales team – we can’t imagine going back to the old way of doing things!“

Carmen BelasusCloudbridge Consulting

„haeppie made it easy to share all our content in one place and ensure everyone had the correct documents.“

Sandra DietrichSievers Group

„haeppie Sales Spaces helped us create a personalized experience for our customers that set us apart from competitors.“

Kim-Dajana-BilogrevicNetgo Group

„haeppie Sales Spaces allowed us to streamline our sales process and close deals faster than ever before! Even with existing customers.”

Victoria ChristCloudbridge Consulting

„We were able to save hours of outreach time by integrating haeppie with our CRM and automating our sales spaces.“

Vincent DelitzCorbado

„Thanks to haeppie, we were able to get all decision makers on the same page and close deals in record time!“

Tobias KeussenZählerfreunde

„With haeppie, we were able to focus on the right deals and boost our conversion rate with space analytics.“

Christian KernAssetbird

„Thanks to haeppie’s analytics feature, we were able to gain insights and close more deals than ever before.“

Christian LiederLumiformapp

„haeppie Sales Spaces helped us organize our sales process and get back on track.“

David HajizadehStaffboard

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