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Sell workshops & concepts better in Sales Spaces

Create individual Spaces for the entire sales process of your services. Share sales content to your customer in one place with just a single link and avoid email chaos.

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haeppie and consultancies – a perfect fit

Selling services is often not easy. In order to explain the costs of workshops or concepts to the client, presentations or videos are often made. With haeppie Sales Spaces, you create a place that accompanies you and your client throughout the entire sales process.

„I love using the haeppie Sales Spaces. Our clients always have everything in one place and I don’t have to send content multiple times. It saves time and our clients love it.“

Carmen Belasus | Head of Sales
Cloudbridge Consulting GmbH

Always deliver EoB

All your slides, whitepapers and links are stored centrally in one Space and can be accessed quickly at any time

Everyone on the same page

Gather all decision makers in one place with just a single link. Keep everyone updated in realtime. Never hear „this meeting could have been an e-mail“ again.

Get the insights

Learn how your customer really engages with your content. Gather valuable insights for future sales engagements and slide sessions.

Sell your services better with haeppie

Create a modern and simple buying experience

Inspire your customers with an individualised buying experience that feels easy and more connected than a typical email process.

And there is even more

Setup your first Sales Space in 3 steps

1️⃣ New contact? Create a Sales Space

You want to send your prospect an initial presentation? Quickly create a haeppie Sales Space that can be used throughout the entire sales engagement

2️⃣  Publish your sales content

Post a pitch presentation, your portfolio or an introduction video in the Sales Space and leave a comment for your potential customer. Posting is as easy as on LinkedIn.

3️⃣ Share the Space with your customer

Just one link – that’s all you need. Share the private link and start the sales process in the Sales Space.

Get your personal Demo

Book your individual demo. We show you in 15 minutes how to inspire your customers with haeppie.

Inspire your customers

✓ Individual Sales Spaces for your customers
✓ Setup in under 60 seconds