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Intro to Portfolio Invite

Intro to Portfolio Invite 840 416 FelixHaeppie

Don’t let your customers get lost in the internet jungle

Are you ready for your customers!? Your employees are ready and your portfolio is set up, now only your customers are missing. 

Via the menu bar you can reach „Your customers“. Here you can see which customers have access to your portfolio. You can also manage pending access requests here. To invite new customers to your hæppie portfolio you can either generate an individual link for one customer or a campaign link for a mass mailing. With this link your customers can directly access your portfolio after registration and view your services. 
hæppie Selling! 🚀

Intro to Service Inquiry

Intro to Service Inquiry 840 416 FelixHaeppie

Make a service request in seconds.

Sending a request to your service provider has never been this easy. Hæppie not only gives you maximum transparency about the services of your service providers, but also the possibility to compile services that interest you and request them without any obligation ✅ .

This way you can create a request in 3 easy steps:

  1. Find suitable services in the portfolio overview and click on „Add“. With your selection a request is created. You can access it via the request view in the middle or via „Your requests“ in the menu. 
  2. Add more products to your request or expand it with a few questions or requirements to give the sales staff more information. 
  3. Submit and you’re done! 🙂 The request is completely non-binding and not a fixed commitment to purchase.

Intro to Service Portfolio

Intro to Service Portfolio 560 277 FelixHaeppie

Stop waisting your time on thousands of pitch presentations to explain your offer! 👩‍💻

With hæppie your customers know immediately what you can offer, how it works and what value it adds. 🎯

First Look at hæppie

First Look at hæppie 840 416 FelixHaeppie

This is hæppie

hæppie – we digitise the B2B sales journey. Stop sending presentations, PDFs, fact sheets and other stuff via E-Mail. Save time and money by choosing hæppie 🧡

Munich Startup interviews hæppie

Munich Startup interviews hæppie 840 416 FelixHaeppie

Munich Startup interviews hæppie

Für mehr Automation in B2B-Sales-Prozessen will das Münchner Startup Hæppie sorgen. Wo das Gründerteam in der digitalen Buying Journey Lücken sieht und wie ihre Lösung genau diese schließen will, das erklären uns Felix Simon, Nico Wandschneider und Thomas Kombrecht im Interview.