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Eugen Christ

Eugen Christ 646 646 FelixHaeppie

„We love using haeppie Sales Spaces to connect with our customers and create a seamless onboarding experience.“

Carmen Belasus

Carmen Belasus 800 800 FelixHaeppie

„haeppie is a game changer for our sales team – we can’t imagine going back to the old way of doing things!“

Sandra Dietrich

Sandra Dietrich 800 800 FelixHaeppie

„haeppie made it easy to share all our content in one place and ensure everyone had the correct documents.“


Kim-Dajana-Bilogrevic 256 256 FelixHaeppie

„haeppie Sales Spaces helped us create a personalized experience for our customers that set us apart from competitors.“

Victoria Christ

Victoria Christ 800 800 FelixHaeppie

„haeppie Sales Spaces allowed us to streamline our sales process and close deals faster than ever before! Even with existing customers.”

Vincent Delitz

Vincent Delitz 800 800 FelixHaeppie

„We were able to save hours of outreach time by integrating haeppie with our CRM and automating our sales spaces.“

Tobias Keussen

Tobias Keussen 800 800 FelixHaeppie

„Thanks to haeppie, we were able to get all decision makers on the same page and close deals in record time!“

Christian Kern

Christian Kern 800 800 FelixHaeppie

„With haeppie, we were able to focus on the right deals and boost our conversion rate with space analytics.“

Christian Lieder

Christian Lieder 800 800 FelixHaeppie

„Thanks to haeppie’s analytics feature, we were able to gain insights and close more deals than ever before.“

David Hajizadeh

David Hajizadeh 800 800 FelixHaeppie

„haeppie Sales Spaces helped us organize our sales process and get back on track.“